This is a four-week course titled, What it means to be a Watchman for the Lord

  Through this course, participants will…

  • Learn what a Watchman’s calling is, who can be a Watchman, and how to live as a Watchman for the Lord.
  • Read inspirational writings, watch informative videos, and answer questions.
  • Receive links to suggested e-Books and teaching videos for follow-up study.

  The structure of this course

  • Each week’s work has a particular theme and 5 supporting daily assignments.
  • All components for each week’s course include a reading assignment and multiple-choice questions.
    • WOWU coursework is self-paced. Completing one module each week is a    good goal.
    • The course will conclude with a final test.


COURSE #1 OUTLINE: What it Means to be a Watchman for the Lord

Week 1: The Watchman’s Identity 

Daily Assignments: 

  1. Introduction: What is a Watchman?
  2. How to become a watchman for the Lord
  3. The Watchman’s witness
  4. What does a Watchman do?
  5. The importance of community (the role of other Watchmen in your life)


Week 2: God Calls the Watchman

Daily Assignments: 

  1. Assessing your calling (spiritual gifts, experiences, passions, etc.)
  2. When others (family, friends, church) don’t understand your calling
  3. The sacrifices and rewards of the calling
  4. Case study: Nehemiah
  5. Reflection: After reviewing the week’s material, participants will write a response to what they believe God is saying to them.


Week 3: You Can Become a Watchman 

Daily Assignments: 

  1. You can be a Watchman
  2. Overcoming self-esteem issues – Your identity in Christ
  3. Dealing with pride
  4. Release baggage (forget mistakes, forgive yourself and others)
  5. Case study: Scott Townsend and the I Am A Watchman Ministry


Week 4: The Watchman’s Message

Daily Assignments: 

  1. Delivering your message with love
  2. Confronting error
  3. Sharing your faith
  4. Dealing with Bible Prophecy
  5. God’s Word as your source of authority