Titus 2:15 notes that disciples are to study and “rightly handle” (understand and share) Scripture.  In Acts 17:11, the Lord commended the Bereans (a small group of believers living in Berea)  for their diligence in studying the Word. Acts 2:42 records that the early church committed themselves to learn from the Apostles. We honor God when we strive to understand the Word, how to share it, and how to incorporate it into our daily walk. Our prayer is that the WOWU resource will facilitate spiritual growth in your life, and God’s blessing on all you do.

To be a disciple is to be a learner (Acts 17:11). To be a Christian is to be a ‘doer’ (James 1:22-25). To be a Watchman for the Lord is to lead in making the world aware of what God has done, what God is doing, and what God is going to do (Ezekiel 33:1-8). The prayer is that this discipleship resource will help to equip believers to accomplish the good work that God has set before us at this key time in history.

In addition to taking advantage of the WOWU resource, presented below are a few best-practices suggestions regarding growing in the faith:

  • Take notes during sermon and teaching times. Write down important points and questions. Follow-up with discussing these points with spiritually mature individuals.
  • Write down your questions as you read—share these with a staff member or Small Group/Bible Study teacher.
  • Consider purchasing a STUDY BIBLE—A Bible that has study/ commentary notes on each page of the text. This will aid in understanding difficult passages.
  • Listen to good Bible Study Teachers online, on TV, or radio. Church leadership may be able to share recommendations.
  • Establish a daily Bible reading routine. Read for a certain number of minutes at a regular time each day.

The I AM A WATCHMAN team desires to be a blessing. Please do not hesitate to share your prayer requests and questions by messaging us through the CONTACT form (under the ABOUT US tab) on this website.